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Deliveries are made directly in-game using the face-to-face method, the safest way to deliver Kamas Wakfu. When your Kamas are ready our delivery person will contact you in game. If you are not online at this time then we will contact you by phone to ask you to connect. If you had registered a mobile phone during registration then a simple SMS will be sent to you.

You can always set up a new appointment by contacting us through our online support.

Buy Kamas Wakfu
Buy Kamas Wakfu in just a few clicks on Mmo-Bank. After receiving your order, our driver will contact you in-game to deliver your Kamas Wakfu.

Set your orders by Paypal, Internet +, Sms + or even Audiotel. In order for your order to be eligible for micro-payment regulations, it must have an amount of less than 8 euros.
If you have any questions for your Kamas Wakfu do not hesitate to contact us through our online support.