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The delivery time for Tera Gold is very fast. The average delivery time is 30 min-1 hour. We are able to deliver to any server and face-to-face directly in play through our network of international farmers

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Now , after many years of high-quality and loyal service by your side, we guarantee all the TERA Online Gold we provide are the most reliable. All our Tera Online Golds are obtained by our players, instead of botting or backing, to ensure the security of your account. Here, the appointment point will be made in areas with less population. Everything is arranged in order to delivery as smoothly as possiable and avoid any possiable delay.
There are two delivery mothods for Tera Gold, trading face-to-face and by mail. Priority will definitely go to trading face-to-face. But if you are not in game, we would choose mail as the delivery method to meet your need as soon as possiable.If you have any other requests, please contact our online support or send us an email to adress :