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Buy Kamas in just a few clicks on our shop. The delivery of your Kamas will be in Asrtub where one of our delivery man will meet you. Be available in game or we will send you a short message by phone to let you know when you will be waiting for the transfer of Kamas. Our delivery times for your Dofus Kamas are very fast. Count an average of 30 minutes. However, a longer period may be required in case of out of stock.

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Pay your orders by Paypal,, SMS +, Audiotel for all your orders Dofus kamas less than 8 euros. 100% secure payment. Send your micro-payment instantaneously to receive your Kamas as soon as possible.

Our service is available 24/24. This means that we are ready even at night to deliver.

Buying Kamas has become a considerable time saving, it can save hours of farming. Getting Kamas is also a time saver to equip your character. Goodsmmo allows players from all over the world to equip Kamas for Dofus since 2010, one of the leading suppliers of Kamas. Our network of professional players, which grows from year to year, allows us to deliver Kamas today in record times with the lowest prices. Fighting against certain practices, bot, hacks, we guarantee the legal origin of all Kamas that we have.
For any questions about Kamas Dofus do not hesitate to contact us through our online support. .