You can pay your order with the following secure online payment methods : Paypal, These methods allow you to choose if you would rather pay directly with your Paypal,, or by credit card. To pay directly by credit card, go to either Paypal or and select "payment by credit card", tab "I have no account." Payment is sent instantaneously, regardless of the service you choose.

  • Paypal : Available for any amount. No fees.
  • Available for any amount. No fees.
  • Paysafecard: Available for amounts under 30 euros.Paysafecard/Starpass. Surcharge fees
  • Sms/Audiotel + : Available for amounts under 8 euros. Sms +/Starpass surcharge fees.

  • De nombreux moyens de paiement

    Micropayment for any purchase under 8 €!

    Fifa coin sms

    Kamas sms

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