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Story of a runescape player :

I'll never "quit" Runescape.

It may or may not have become apparent to you that seeing as I haven’t been posting a lot – I’ve actually turned away from Runescape a little. I wont say that I have quit the game, because I still have things that I would like to achieve sometime later when I have more time on my hands; but I will say that I have stepped away from it more and more. Why ?

Well for starters, Runescape is a simple time game with some strategy added into the mix. I don’t have enough time to plan a good gameplay strategy or grind extra hours into my study or social life to get things done in a virtual world. I’ve gone through this quitting fiasco so many times its like a ritual now… start playing, quit, start playing, quit. It’s a never ending cycle!
Then it hit me, all these years, no matter what the circumstances… I always found my way back into Runescape. I have friends who walked away from the game many years ago and have now come running back due to free trade and wilderness. It’s near impossible to stay completely clear of the game and that’s something that scares me a little !

Though I can admit, I do enjoy the game sometimes. I mean, I have my times during the year when I really can’t be bothered logging in, but other times I have these skilling outbursts where I end up absolutely beasting it! It’s very weird.

Being very experienced in the clan world, I see so many people come and go from Runescape, the amount of people that have joined clans, left them and joined back again because they’re back into the game is ridiculous. What is it about Runescape that keeps people coming back?

Is it the economy? Ha! No. Is it the community? Quite possibly. Though Runescape has a community that is increasingly moving to outside sources of communication to leave their messages, Runescape has one of the warmest, most open communities in the gaming world. The amount of friends you make on this game is amazing, and for me its the community that keeps me coming back, the clan world, too.

But then this raises the question – HOW do you quit Runescape entirely without drastic methods? Is it possible to just do the ‘cold turkey’ method and just leave?

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