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Earning Gold in Diablo 3. As previous versions, gold is the only currency in Diablo 3. Which is different from other RPG. The gold can be used to exchange items with NPC merchants and assist you in the adventure. Killing monsters will drop gold . You can find Diablo 3 Gold in each corner of the dungeon, as well as boxes, barrels, boxes.etc. you can also earn gold by completing quests in Diablo 3.

Buy Diablo 3 Gold from our shop. We use a secure and discreet method to ensure the safety of delivery. The Delivery will be completed face-to-face. The effective way to ensure the discretion of the delivery.

Price :

We always pay attention to the market price and restock when the price is down, to ensure that we always have a competitive price over other sellers. On Goodsmmo, you can save the cost of your purchases up to 10%.

The average time for delivery is between 5 min - 30 min. We always keep stock to ensure instant delivery for Diablo 3.

To guarantee the best service, we offer up to 10% compensation of your order in case of a delivery delay.

For both Normal and Hardcore mode, both EUR and US side, the maximum waiting time before a compensation is : 30 minutes .

Please note that no compensation will be accepted if it is impossible to contact with you in game or by phone. So keep an eye on the social tab in order not to miss the invitation from our delivery guy.

Contact :

Do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail : for any claims on your order or a compensation. We will take seriously every E-mail from our customers. Every E-mail will be replied within 20 minutes. You can also keep in touch with us by other ways referring to the section"contact us". Our professional service team will be honoured to assist you.

Note: Please choose the mode you play carefully. The normal mode and hardcore mode are completely different in D3 Gold deliveries. The hardcore Mode will be available as soon as you have a character at level 10 in normal mode.

Diablo 3 Gold

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